The weekend is HERE! TGIF!

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The weekend is here!


Hope you have had a fantastic week of MOTIVATION & reaching goals! Sometimes it’s hard to come by, and more often than not we just don’t seek it out! I want to THANK YOU if you were one of the many giving ME-MOTIVATION this week. You’ve gotta be able give it to get it! Even those of us that MOTIVATE for a living…love receiving it! Keep spreading the good stuff to everyone that needs it!


As you go into the weekend, let me plant a thought…”Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho

Even your mistakes give you valuable experience! Be willing to make them every now and then in order to grow.


CLASS REMINDER: We are still meeting at Sherwood for our classes. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces there next week. Side note: schedule change in effect immediately- Tue/Fri 7:30am Fitness is done for the summer. The Mon/Thur 9:30 Fitness class is still ON. If you want to see Tue &/or Fri Fitness at 9 or 9:30…please hit me up with your specific request so I can see about getting it on the schedule those days.


Have a fantastic and RESTFUL weekend!