Thoughtful Thursday 4/11/13

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“Focus on accomplishment, not activity. What you do isn’t as important as what you get done.”
This goes hand in hand with our “W.O.W.”- INTEND. Just as the greatest INTENTIONS are only as good as the action behind them, the same can be said about quality of the actions we implement. Use your time wisely, stay focused on your INTENTIONS, and earn bragging rights with your accomplishments! 

Help me spread some love & positive IMPACT! There was a terrible accident here in Greensboro on Tuesday involving one of Sherwood’s cherished employees, Eric Smith. (For those of you not in my classes, Sherwood Swim & Racquet Club is where the magic happens!) Eric is the one who keeps the tennis courts in tip-top shape, takes care of all maintenance/repairs…AND THEN SOME! If you haven’t heard, he was in a hit & run accident & pretty badly hurt. He was riding his scooter home from Sherwood and a car hit him, drug him down the road (still on his bike), then got out to detach his scooter from their bumper-only to get back in their car and leave him lying in the road. He’ll be out of work for quite some time. You do not have to know Eric to feel remorse for his situation. I can’t think of anything more healing than for our community to reach out and share positive energy with him. Please consider taking a moment to send him a good wishes on his recovery, and to let him know he is important. 1607 Twain Rd. Greensboro NC 27405. How cool would it be if he received notes of encouragement from Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, Oregon, California, Massachusetts…possibly from complete strangers, wherever you are reading this email from?! 

CLASS UPDATE: In a short bit, Flex kicks off at 6pm! Certainly a calming way to end a busy day! Hope to see you there! Tomorrow am…Functional Fitness at 6am & 9:30am! Who’s going to end the week STRONG with me?