TIPSY Tuesday!!!

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It’s TIPSY Tuesday!

How’s the “W.O.W.” = WHATEVER IT TAKES working for you? Here’s some food for thought from one of my great mentors…just in case you’re struggling a bit: “In regards to your aspirations, you are going to get one of two things: Results or Excuses. Unfortunately, most people end up with far more excuses for why they didn’t reach an achievement, couldn’t stay in shape, or don’t have the life they think they deserve. The difference between having either excuses and results is just a matter of the choices you make. No one is holding you back from your dreams except for yourself.” Martin Rooney

The Dailey HEALTH Tip: It’s a fact that taking a PROBIOTIC supplement can reduce the symptoms of fall allergies. If you are struggling with sinus issues, you might be surprised that by simply taking care of your gut & feeding it the good bacteria found in probiotics – you can feel better without the drugs!

RESULTS…or…ESCUSES. Which is it gonna be???