To CARB or NOT to CARB???

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Let your spirit rule and it’s soul will smile, no matter the weight of your days. ~Peter Twist

Restore & expand your world establishing 3 foundational pillars: “Body Ready, Mind Sharp, Attitude Positive!” At Dailey Fitness-Training for Warriors Greensboro we TRAIN to keep the body READY for anything. We keep the mind SHARP with the use of challenges that involve metal focus. We share motivational stories to create a POSITIVE ATTITUDE & instill that anything is possible with hard work & determination.


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: To CARB or NOT TO CARB?! It is a constant battle-and one that many unknowingly fight for the wrong side (for them!) Precision Nutrition is a fantastic educational resource & Dr. John Berardi is highly regarded in the wellness community. Check out this post & let it fuel your mind to be open to change:


Want to CRUSH this week? Get your mind right! DECIDE that you aren’t going to back down! Work HARD & don’t take the path of least resistance!

Take the path of MOST resistance!