To DETOX, or not?

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Happy Sunday FUNday!

As the weekend comes to a close, it’s time to PREPARE for the week ahead. What’s your TOP 5 list looking like? Write it out, then post it where you will see it often. We all have the best of intentions, but life has a sneaky way of running interference on our productivity. Even the most disciplined get side tracked, so it’s a good idea to PLAN for the obstacles. Prepare your meals/snacks for each day the night before to ensure you will have something every 3 hours without fail. Put that workout on your daily calendar and don’t allow yourself to cancel it. Taking these small steps before you plow forward will set you up for success!


The Dailey DETOX Tip: People ask a lot about detoxification. Here is the thing: your body is detoxifying compounds 24/7. If we stopped detoxifying, we would be dead in about 6 hours. The large intestine is one of the major organs of detoxification – many substances are eliminated via the stool. The other organs of detoxification are the kidneys, liver (part of the GI tract), lungs and skin. The best “detox” you can ever do is to eat a high veggie diet, ensure adequate clean protein intake, stay hydrated and minimize/avoid refined and processed foods. This will also ensure you optimize your detoxification pathways. Sometimes it is indicated to enhance detoxification process (different than chelation, the removal of metals), but typically I recommend doing this under the guidance of a competent healthcare provider. (This is from Dr. Jillian Teta out of Winston Salem).


CLASS UPDATE: With lots of folks on vacation this upcoming week, I need some head’s up of who’s coming when! Tomorrow we have Functional Fitness at 6AM, 9:30AM, & 6PM! Which one are YOU going to start the week with?


Stay tuned for the “W.O.W.”, along with helpful tips & lots of motivation this week!



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“It is always too early to quit.” – Norman Vincent Peele