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Hello Beautiful People!
Step outside for a minute! Grab a breath or two of FRESH air! No matter how stressful your day/week might be becoming…close your eyes and think of ONE thing you are thankful for today! Hey, maybe simply having something to be able to stress about deserves some gratitude!
The Dailey CHEMICAL-FREE FRUIT/VEGGIE CLEANING Tip: Fill your CLEAN sink, bucket or bowl with water & add 1 cup of vinegar. Dump all of the fruits or veggies into the pool & let them soak for about 10 minutes. (Don’t freak out when the water looks dirty). Give them a good rinse-eat right away or store afterwards. Note: there are a few items that work best if you are planning to eat immediately such as strawberries & spinach. They might go bad faster if you pre-wash and then store.
I NEED YOU! If I have ever motivated you, inspired you to keep going, or been a positive impact on YOUR goals…please come help me with MINE! As most of you are well aware, I have been busy raising money for Relay for Life/ACS over the last few months. Well, the actual Relay for Life event is this Friday, May 17 at  Page High School. Kick off is at 7pm, and I will be out there ALL night long until the event ends at 7am on Sat morning. Yep, I’m pulling an all nighter-walking the track in FIGHT of cancer! Come walk a lap, spend an hour, or stay all night with me if you dare! It is super family friendly with LOTS of kids activities..all night long. It costs nothing to come out to walk, and I promise any time you give will be well worth it. If you want to cheer your coach on…let me know & I will give you more details!
CLASS UPDATE: The functional fitness groups freaking ROCK! Way to crush the workouts Mon/Tues! Anyone that needs to slow it down a notch to repair & rebuild, FLEX tonight at 6pm!
“W.O.W.” is EXTRAORDINARY! What EXTRA are you putting into your ORDINARY today?


p.s. your Dailey thought…“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -Charles Bernard Shaw