Watch your portion sizes!!!

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Happy HUMP Day!!!

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. ~Henry Ford

Together…tomorrow…SUCCESS AWAITS YOU! There is an OFF THE HOOK metabolic class planned for the morning! With only 7 signed up for 6am and ZERO for 9:30…looks like A LOT of folks will be missing out on this one! You snooze…you lose!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: Watch your portion sizes! It’s really easy to overeat…and at the same time it’s really easy to get you servings in! Picture this:

1 cup = a baseball; ¾ cup = a tennis ball; ½ cup = computer mouse; ¼ cup = an egg; 2 tbsp = golf ball. Use this reference when filling up your plate or making snacks. You can always pile on extra servings of fresh veggies…but if you find them hard to eat, consider how small these portions really are and know it’s not so hard to get 4-5 servings into a day!


Labor Day weekend is coming quick! Just a reminder that there is only ONE class on Friday (No 1-1 sessions). Katie is planning an awesome “Dealer’s Choice” workout @ 6am, and it will be send off to a holiday weekend! No classes on Sat or Monday-Labor Day! All classes resume as usual on Tuesday…including an additional Wed 6am class in case anyone needs to get an extra class made up!


Keep MOVIN’!!!