What’s in YOUR Breakfast?!

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Happy HUMP Day!

Tomorrow is Halloween!!! Always a fun day to see kids AND grown up’s dressed in character all day long! Whether you partake in costume or not…let yourself embrace your inner child tomorrow! Laugh at the silliness, enjoy a sweet treat, & don’t take the day too seriously!


Halloween CLASS UPDATE: GAME ON for the Flex class tomorrow night! If you don’t have Halloween plans, there’s a spot for you in class! (6-7pm) We’ll have a spooky inspired workout at 6am…and based on the online rsvp’s- we only have 5 spots left in class!! If you haven’t rsvp’d online…you’d better get on it! When the class is full…the ones who signed up online get first dibs!


The Dailey BREAKFAST Tip: Go for higher protein & fiber foods like eggs, protein smoothies, veggies, nitrate-free breakfast meats, & low glycemic fruits! They help keep you LEAN, improve your digestive system, keep blood sugar under control, and can even sharpen brain functioning. Skip the cereals, conventional cow’s milk, juice, donuts/pastries, frozen waffles/pancakes, & even toast. These foods will put your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride, won’t satisfy your hunger for long, and will create inflammation in the body.


Your Dailey Thought…

“If you don’t invest very much, then defeat doesn’t hurt very much and winning is not very exciting.” ~Dick Vermeil


DIG DEEP! Invest everything you’ve got today!