What’s the BEST way to store produce?

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“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~Alan Cohen

Great words to fuel your fire to take on a new challenge, get RE-Motivated towards an old dream or goal, or maybe even SLOW down for needed rest or rejuvenating body work. Waiting for the perfect time for anything, to have enough energy to change your game, or to have the perfect plan…is almost a guarantee you will not reach that goal. MAKE the time right now…and you are already one step closer!


WHO’s COMING?!?! I only see ONE person signed up for the Thai yoga massage workshop this Friday at 6pm! Does that mean only ONE person is coming…or are there more of you that just haven’t signed up? It’s FREE…and open to everyone (members & nonmembers!)! Who doesn’t want FREE massage?!?! We will be using mats (not massage tables), and you want to wear comfortable-preferably COTTON clothing if wearing long pants. Spandex not recommended! SOCIAL AFTERWARDS! Dailey Fitness is going to be bringing in some fresh HOT pies from NY Pizza, and if you want something other than water…beverage is BYOB (adult beverages are welcomed at this event!)


The Dailey FRESH FOOD Tip: PACK LOOSE & SEPARATE PRODUCE! The closer your vegetables are to one another in the refrigerator, the faster they will rot. Fruits stored together can prematurely ripen and spoil surrounding vegetables, so spread all items out. Apples, especially, can turn leafy greens and other veggies brown.