What’s your STRATEGY to win?

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Happy SUPER BOWL Sunday FUNday!

Commercials…Game…what’s your favorite thing about the Superbowl???


Just like in football…STRATEGY is essential to win in any other aspect of life! When you have a solid strategy, you set yourself up to WIN! If the football teams today just show up to play, they aren’t likely to do very well. The same goes for business, personal goals, health & wellness, & other aspects of life. If you just “show up and play”, chances are there won’t be huge victories! THIS WEEK…what’s your STRATEGY going to be so you WIN the week?! For starters…you can plan your workouts & put them on the calendar for the week. Plan the meals/snacks for tomorrow (or even the whole week!).


**ONLY 2 signed up for the 6am Functional Fitness classes in the am!!! Gotta have 4 on board to keep that class…so sign up in you are coming! (Waiting till the last minute is NOT a good STRATEGY!)


Your Dailey Thought…

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” ~Vince Lombardi