You are what you eat…read your labels if you eat frozen dinners, frozen potatoes, or bread!

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Happy HUMP Day!


Your Dailey thought…

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”  ~Arthur Ashe

Too often we spend so much time just focusing on our end result…that we forget to embrace & enjoy the JOURNEY of getting there. In order to make the effort enjoyable and worthwhile,  celebrate the victories (the smaller steps necessary to see progress) each day! By doing this you can look back at the JOURNEY you are on…so that the goals reached are just milestones leading you to what lies ahead!


TONIGHT…6pm Functional Fitness is OUTSIDE! (sorry, not my choice either on this 93 degree day!) While the Sherwood swim team is carbo-loading on their spaghetti dinner…we are going to be CRUSHING CALORIES in the Page HS parking lot. Specifically the BUS lot! This lot is accessible from Alma Pinnix & has SHADE!!! Once you turn from Cone onto Alma Pinnix, it’s your very 1st driveway to the left. Up the hill and park anywhere! BRING YOUR WATER & SWEAT TOWEL! You will need both! Come ready to have some outdoor fun. Call my phone if you can’t find us!


The Dailey FROZEN DINNER Fact: “Azodicarbonamide” – commonly found in frozen dinners, frozen potatoes and bread products – is used to make things like bleach and foamed plastics like those found in yoga mats (tasty!).


We’re HALF WAY to the weekend!!!